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Norfolk, Va: The Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

BY JOHN PATRICK PULLEN “Because of people like Zack Miller, Norfolk came out of nowhere,” Reiser says. Miller is managing director of Hatch, a startup accelerator that launched in late 2011 and has attracted talent from around the country. Miller also

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How To Apply (And Get Approved) For An FHA Mortgage, Plus Live Mortgage Rates

As the U.S. housing market recovers, FHA home loans remain popular among today’s first-time and repeat home buyers. This is because of the loan traits that the FHA will allow. FHA loans can be ideal for buyers with less than

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Blooper Mania: Hilarious Marketing Gaffes

by Gwen Banta of AGBeat Advertising is hard work, especially for people without a spell checker or common sense. Below is proof, but be warned – you will laugh. Sizzle “Whimsical electric décor” (Sign in the business office of the Department of Water

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11 Ways to Roll With Wallpaper All Over the Home

Ditch the misconceptions and latch on to some great ideas for decorating your walls with patterned, textural and colorful wallpaper I meet a lot of people who have reservations about wallpaper. Two of the most common questions I’m asked are:

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When You Sell Your Home With FHA Financing, Buyers Can “Assume” Your Mortgage And Its Interest Rate

As the U.S. housing market recovers from last decade’s downturn, today’s home buyers aren’t always flush with cash. For buyers with few funds for downpayment, loans via the Federal Housing Administration remain popular. The FHA allows loans with as little

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Designing Your Kitchen: Deep Thoughts for Your Sink

Choose the right depth for your sink to avoid an achy back, a sore neck and messy countertops I tend to think bigger is always better. Maybe it’s because I live in Texas. So when it comes to working in

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“Every itch is exquisite” – Gross Advertising Gaffes

By Gwen Banta of AGBeat Abbreviation Innovation “Needs TLB” (Tiny Little Buyers? Ten Light beers? Two Large Boobies?) “Submit Peappoval and POO” (You don’t need POO – you’ve already stepped in it.) “Media system with 3B” (3 Bears? 3 Bongs?

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