Marketing Bloopers: “Bull in Wood Cabinets”

By Gwen Banta of AGBeat

These very real marketing bloopers have been spotted in the wild and they’re so ridiculous, we have to share them with you right away. Enjoy.

Marketing bloopers that offend and entertain

The blooper reel is back, friends. Never does a week go by without a rash of contributions of bloopers from all over the U.S. Some are baffling, while others are hysterical. These were my favorites from this week’s whoppers. Please enjoy:

The Walking Dead

“Be part of the Housing Doom” (Yellowed sign in the underwriters’ room at Bank of America.)

“Bull in wood cabinets” (Crap in pants of cowering owner.)

“New radwood fence” (Groovy, dude. Peace out.)

“Area known for it’s Rock n Roll rots” (You must be referring to Keith Richards, who began rotting in the 60′s.)

“Many film scenes snot in this area”  (I’ll bet there’s a serious Kleenex-hoarding problem amongst those living downhill during the rainy season.)

Walking Sideways

“Please submit by last Thurs.” (Senior moment…or Jack Daniels?)

“Slides, swinger, jungle jim inc” (Is Jungle Jim the swinger, or is that your hairy neighbor?)

“No showings before or after 10 am” (Thank you, Alice B. Toklas.)

“No nose please!” (…Seems like an odd fetish, but who am I to judge?)

Barely Walking at All

“Magnolllas planted infroont lawns (Tequila Tip # 1: Swallow the worm, don’t gargle it.)

“New irritation” (Bugs in your undershorts again?)

“Don’t after trash trucks cuz of smell” (Most likely the odor is from brain decomposition.)

“Showing widow 6-8 pm only” (Uh, you’re supposed to show the dead guy, not the widow… but whatever floats your boat…)

“Landscaped yard with water mountain” (Hint: That mess all over the lawn should have been your first clue that you severed the sewer line.)

Down and Out for the Count

“Guaranteed to pleasure you” (I believe that’s illegal in most states… but sign me up!)


Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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