Hilarious Marketing Mistakes Like “Agent Needs Assing”

By Gwen Banta of AGBeat.com

We all make marketing mistakes and typos from time to time, and if they’re ridiculous enough, they end up here in the blooper reel.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The monster MLS bloopers just keep coming and marketing mistakes seem to be endless these days. Welcome to the Blooper Reel and a springtime selection of hilarious gaffes:

The Time Crunch

“No appointments before 9 pam” (You must be on Wrong Coast Time.)

“No showings after dak” (So after Dak, is every other guy a disappointment?)

“Please tex me” (What were you expecting – a big hat and a saddle?)

“No calls at diner please” (While you’re there, pick me up a ham on rye.)

“Blackout cretins” (Have they considered joining AA?)

The Lunch Bunch

“Chinese for lunch” (Did you marinate them first?)

“Free Giveaway – No charge to Enter” (Deja vu all over again.)

“Bird talks – don’t respond” (If I do, will he tell on me?)

“Busy agent needs assing” (That’s an overstatement of the obvious.)

The Wrong Hunch

“Furniture is negligible” (You say that now, but just wait until you have to sleep in a tub.)

“Ask about income poverty” (That’s an oxymoron.)

“Rags just shampooed” (Is that code for “I just washed my husband’s dirty boxer shorts?)

“Hurry Buyer backed up” (Was your head under his tire”)

The Daily Double

“I up date daily”  (Nope…I’m not touching this one!)

“Come open!” (If that’s your attempt at foreplay, you really suck.)



Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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