MLS Bloopers: “This is a shoecase property” and Other Marketing Typos

The marketing typos were all over the MLS and real estate ads this week, friends, and there are more than enough errors to keep this MLS blooper reel going for yet another year.

Marketing typos that will amaze and offend

This week’s Blooper Scooper is back, and some of the marketing typos I picked up this week are legendary. If it was your listing that contained any of the bloopers below, you should hang your herd in shame. I mean, “head”…

Wild and Woolly

“Please call a herd” (Well that explains the stampede on Sunset Blvd.)

“Experience mountain licing” (Have you tried a flea collar?)

“This is a shoecase property” (Is that why you’re sporting those leopard print pumps, dude?)

“Low grime area” (This must be a Beverly Hills car wash.)

“No FTA loans”  (There goes my plan to hijack a seedy L.A.City bus…)

Crappy and Creepy

“Ocean views…new window cowerings” (I’d cower too if I saw a gull about to crap on me.)

“Suckin lvg rooom” (Not as sucky as the agent with the sucky spelling.)

“Great curb apple” (…Said Eve to Adam as they scouted for homes on Hollywood Blvd.)

“Mature grainery” (If it’s in a six-pack of Bud, then count me in.)

“Overlooks the hay” (…Said Mary to Joseph when choosing a hotel for the night.)

Sordid and Morbid

“No powder at pheasant time” (Yeah, using a grenade on a bird is a bit of overkill.)

“Panting now complete” (So what do you want from me, you pervert – a Marlboro?)

“Listen to the roaring wacs”  (Complained the MP’s as the beer truck pulled up to the women’s bivouac  next door.)

“New home in Bev Hills fatlands” (You must be from Minnesota, because the only fat in Beverly Hills is in the bottom of a Liposuction machine.)

Blooper of the Year  Finalist

“Turd house on right” (Ah, yes – the brown one with the corn siding.)


Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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