Real Estate Bloopers: Hilarious Errors in Marketing

The gaffes and laughs were all over the MLS and the real estate ads this week, friends, and there are just enough errors to keep this MLS blooper reel going for yet another year. It never ends!

It’s Wednesday, and the Blooper Scooper is back, my friends. Auto-fill and Siri (on iPhones) keeps providing me with hilarious material. Check out these gaffes – all indications that spelling and proof reading are lost arts:

Showing ‘n Blowing

“EZ shoe” (Ed Sullivan announcing La-z-Boy’s new line of recliners for the feet.)

“Show cod” (Is that really a cod or are you just happy to see me?)

“Snow cold” (Said Nanook of the North when asked about his stiff cod.)

Speaking or Tweaking?

“Drawing for PC, keybroad and moose” (It seems Bullwinkle has joined an escort service.)

“Bacyard good – leafs jus blown” (So was your listing.)

“Checkered pasts” (Then I’m sure we’ve dated…)

“Multi-unit – Listing on hole” (Double-seater dumper, eh?)

Alarming or Disarming?

“Motion detecters to be instilled” (If it’s between your ears, it’s a moot point.)

“Newt alarm system” (We were all alarmed – especially Romney.)

“Alarms and motion detectives” (Can one of ‘em check the guy on my couch for a heart beat?)

Closing or Hosing?

“Dirigible floor covering” (That makes two things that are full of hot air.)

“Fur sale” (I suspect the paintball gun sales in L.A. just skyrocketed.)

“Lick door when leaving” (Reason # 1 why you need a new therapist.)

“Red posts” (Caption beneath a photo of Mikhail Gorbachev’s legs.)

And My Fave Is…

“Buyer lost load” (I hope he burned a match afterward.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!


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