Showcase of Ridiculous Real Estate Marketing Typos

There is nothing more gratifying than sifting through thousands of real estate listings and finding borderline offensive errors like these – they are always good for a laugh!

Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles for a lollapalooza!

Putz and Pets…and Harry

“Safe and squirrel” (Uh…you in a strait jacket?)

“Decorator rail cats” (Well someone should fire the rail cats who decorated Amtrak.)

“Duck w/ water skis included” (If he can slalom?)

“Harry wont last” (Neither will your career.)

Cranberries and Nuts

“Visit my bog” (With you in there drowning, I suspect it’s a tight squeeze.)

“Detached mother-in-laws” (Wouldn’t it have been more humane to just shove a sock in her mouth?)

“Have you heard the fuzz?” (Not since the cops broke up our college kegger.)

“Date to be conformed” (Who do you think you are, pal –  Fifty Shades of Grey?)

Reds and Deads

“Visit my bloc” (Tear down this listing, Mr. Gorbachev.)

“Live-urn money” (If you live in an urn, what do you need money for – a Dust Buster?)

“Butter kitchen” (So on a hot day, the kitchen ends up in the yard?)

And This Find From Jane:

“Bright, Quite garden condo. like home 3bads and 2 full bath, fire place3 tend-om parking, incloding refrigrator” (Was the coma induced or the result of trying to open beer bottles by smacking them against your forehead?)

Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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