MLS bloopers: new top soiled and sitting by the poop

There were a lot of laughable errors on this week’s MLS and in local real estate ads, friends. These were the best of the worst:

Food for Thought

“Walk to church’s” (So my choices are God or fried chicken?)

“This will swell fast” (That’s what I say about my a__ every time I eat chips.)

“Good valuu” (And how’s the tandoori chicken, Samir?)

“Best dal in town” (OMG, Samir, walk away from the keyboard and let someone else type the menu!)

Drink For Pleasure

“Plantation shurrere” (Never type after 5 tequila shooters and a worm!)

“Laker view” (The remaining image the Celtics see when peering through Kobe’s smoke.)

“Has guess house” (The agent is questionable, too.)

“New top soiled” (Did you also soil your trousers?)

R & R

“Very rested and quiet area” (The space between your ears?)

“White Tex around pool and deck” (First day of summer at the Houston Social Club?)

“This is the beast” (Description under the yearbook mug shot of King Kong.)

“Choose wither one” (Explanation of why Playmates dig Hefner.)

“Sirius buyers only” (Reason # 1 not to let Howard Stern type your listing remarks.)

Jaw Droppers of the Week

“Relax by the poop” (For those whose lives have turned to sh_t.)

“Many models to prick” (Said Keith to Mick backstage during the Steel Wheels tour.)


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