Property complexes step into DNA testing of dog poop

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Property managers across the nation are turning to a CSI strategy to battle dog poo. They’re using DNA technology to match which canine is responsible for leaving the piles so their owners can face fines.

“We sent out letters to residents about what we were going to do,” said Joe Johnson , property manager. Legends has been using the service for about six weeks. “The problem of owners not cleaning up after their dogs just disappeared.”

Clients collect samples of waste and send them to the PooPrints lab. “We can perform an exact DNA matchup with the pets in our database,” Mayer said. “The results won’t come back as showing a beagle left the pile of waste. It will be the beagle in Apartment 3A left the waste.”

“Since using the service, we have seen our waste problems almost disappear. We fine residents $150 if they don’t clean up after their dogs. Now we can have proof of which dog is responsible, so we know which owner to go after.”

Getting the DNA sample is $29.95 per dog, and each sample test is $49.95, Mayer said, Each client has their own policy governing how the costs are absorbed or passed along to residents.


Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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