Vacant lad, and other empty MLS promises

If selling houses is like selling dreams, then welcome to my nightmare. Check out these hilarious bloopers that may convince buyers NOT to buy a home:

Interpreter, Please?

“Iv covered walls” (It seems someone is trying to sell Cedars Sinai…)

“No night hors” (Try telling that to the gals working Hollywood Blvd.)

“Wall rocks in kitch” (Those crazy Italians must be selling Pompeii.)

“Wired for cabal” (Epitaph on the Saddams’ Headstone.)

“Pls see tim change” (If Tim is cute, may I also take photos?)

Did You Pay For This Ad?

“Vacant lad” (Good for you – I highly endorse self-assessment.)

“A book runs through the backyard” (Hmmm, finally some writing that has legs…)

“WiFe included” (I suppose selling her is cheaper than divorce…)

“Has good resistance” (Whined the Wehrmacht pansies when ordered to invade Paris during WWII.)

“Lots of widelife in area” (Welcome sign at Fran’s Fulminating-Fat Camp.)

Get Out of Sales

“Not open on Faters day” (Why, will everyone be chowing down at Fran’s?)

“Orange, tambourines” (Pssst – Sister Sunshine – the 2nd batch of brownies is ready.)

“Drawing for spat day” (Proudly offered by Phil Phlegm and the American Tobacco Chewers Association.)

Being Free Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

“Free appraisal of your hoe” (Under “Other Talents” on Elliott Spitzer’s resume.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell Well And Sell!


Realtor with Greg Garrett Realty, actively licensed in the state of Virginia

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